Marquis Munson

Production Coordinator

Evening host from 6-10 p.m. and I also serve as the production coordinator for WNXP. I started radio back in 2014 working for my college radio station at The University of Alabama. I hosted various sports shows and a classic hip-hop show titled β€œCan I Kick Out.”

Since graduating from Alabama, I have been a program director and producer for Tide 100.9 and a producer for ESPN 102.5 The Game in Nashville.

My career has been sports to this point, but what a lot of people do not know is music radio was my first passion. Growing up in Southern California I would listen to Power 106 and pretend to be an on-air personality, while other kids wanted to be doctors and lawyers. I grew up around a melting pot of music. My grandma was listening to Charlie Pride and other old country music tunes while my grandpa would be in the other room playing his Blues records like the hallways were Beale Street.

My mother was listening to R&B and soul dating back to the 60s going from Motown to the sweet sounds of Mary J Blige. I was listening to hip hop music with my older brother and uncles. and my best friend growing up would have me head banging to some Pantera. I moved to Alabama in 2004, so even though hip hop could always be found in my CD player, I could get down with any other genre.

I say all that to say I am sponge for great music, regardless of what genre its from. So, kick back, jam out to some tunes, have a few drinks and explore the wide range of music we have to offer.

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