Music Submissions

I want to submit my music for consideration for WNXP, how do you do that?  

The simple answer – email [email protected] with a download link to a clean (no cursing), mastered, 44.1k/16 bit stereo .wav file along with basic artist info. No Mp3’s. BUT before you press send, please read below.  


Please listen to the station and see if your music fits our focus. WNXP plays music from artists at all levels and from across a wide variety of genres but we do have an overall style. Which leads us to… 


Many of our favorite artists are essentially unclassifiable (Brittany Howard was nominated in multiple Grammy genre categories because she’s impossible to pin down) but there are some musical styles we rarely play. That’s because they already are well covered by other entities – Top 40 pop, mainstream hip hop, commercial country, jazz, gospel, CCM, classical and most Americana/blues/bluegrass/folk (which WMOT does a great job with).   


The new songs that end up in regular rotation on WNXP are chosen by our programming team with input from our entire staff. We have a wonderful group of people with diverse backgrounds and tastes who lean on their musical expertise and insight to make informed choices.  


WNXP strives to represent Nashville and not just the music made here, but the community of listeners who enjoy discovering new music but also love to hear familiar favorites. By placing emerging artists alongside well-established songs we know that will ultimately help introduce the artists to a new audience and elevate their standing in Nashville. Speaking of… 


WNXP features music discovery from all over the world but we place a special emphasis on Nashville artists. We do not have a “local show” but instead choose to spotlight Nashville artists in our regular programming and in our ongoing features – The New Music Experience, Record of the Week and Nashville Artist of the Month. We’ll be rolling out more features as the station grows in the coming year. There will be some Middle Tennessee artists we play that other stations also play (which is great for them – more exposure and more performance royalties) but we are always on the lookout for underserved or under-recognized voices.  


We have a very small full time staff who have multiple duties and while we try to listen to everything that is submitted, it may take some time and we do not have the capacity to respond to every email. You are highly encouraged to send follow up emails but please understand that not all of them will be answered. We also cannot return materials. If you’d like a more thorough explanation of how radio airplay works, the great John Richards from KEXP does a wonderful job of explaining it here. While we have a MUCH smaller staff than stations like KEXP, KCRW and the Current, Richards’ overall story holds true for us too.  

Thank you for sharing your music with us!