What Where When-sday: Earth Day N’ The Hood

Outside of Record Store Day, there is another big event happening this Saturday: Earth Day. This week for What Where When-sday, we discuss Earth Day N’ The Hood with Jaffee Judah, executive director of Recycle & Reinvest. Starting as a local community cleanup crew in 2018, the organization’s mission is to provide safer communities and greener environments while promoting sustainability — and using music in the efforts to raise awareness of environmental importance to the next generation.

Additional event opportunities begin Thursday night with WNXP Presents Butcher Brown and Son Little at Eastside Bowl. Check out a review of Son Little’s album, Like Neptune, here. Also on Thursday and Friday, Tyler Childers is at Bridgestone Arena. Another show on Friday night: Venus and the Flytraps perform at the Blue Room. And on Record Store Day, events are happening at The Groove, Grimey’s, Vinyl Tap, and record stores all throughout Nashville. Plus, we’ve got special programming on WNXP starting Friday.