New Music Experience: Music Draft 2024

The Music Draft returns to the show this week and like the NFL Draft happening in Detroit, the Music Draft is all about potential and projection. WNXP DJ’s were asked who they think could have a break out year or make a major step forward in 2024. The order worked just like any sports draft — each DJ had to wait on the previous colleague to make a pick and sometimes that meant your choice being swiped away before your turn. Take a listen to hear each DJ’s explanation on why they think their pick is the best and how they define success in this splintered media age.

Eric Slick “The Moment”

Music Draft
1. Jude Mason picks Last Dinner Party “Our Lady of Mercy”
2. Marquis Munson picks Jalen Ngonda “Illusions”
3. Celia picks Mannequin Pussy “Sometimes”
4. Emily Young picks Chappel Roan
5. Dan Digs picks MRCY “Lorelei”
6. Aaron Monty picks Rachel Chinouriri
7. Justin Barney picks Fontaines DC
8. Michael Pollard That Mexican OT
9. Adam Culver picks mk.gee
10. Carly Butler picks Blondshell
11. Jason Moon Wilkins picks Paris Paloma