Three is the magic number: Top musical trios

After longtime three-piece band Yo La Tengo’s incredible two-night stint in Nashville, I was thinking a lot about how much racket can be made by just three people (on stage and on record). While we love our sprawling, van-packing bands with half a dozen instrumentalists in tow (I see you Polyphonic Spree, St. Paul and […]

New Music Experience: November 11, 2022

We showcase the best of our new music discoveries from across the globe on the New Music Experience this week with laidback soulful R&B from Malaysia’s Yuna, dream pop from Bali, Indonesia’s Sourmilk, psychedelic indie from Baltimore’s Julien Chang, powerful spoken word-infused hip-hop from London, UK’s Kae Tempest and Kojey Radical, and many more. As […]