Next Up: VEAUX

Nashville trio VEAUX quickly caught the ear of WNXP after releasing their track “Dark Planet” in 2022. It was immediately clear that this band was seeking a different sound than many in Music City, creating authentically alt-pop songs that weave in elements of R&B and rock alike. Hence why VEAUX is one of three Nashville acts playing WNXP’s first Next Up concert series April 26 at the Brooklyn Bowl alongside Brian Brown and Elke.

Celia Gregory sat down with the band during their Sonic Cathedral session to discuss dream collaborations and the influence Nashville has had on their career.

On The Record: A Q&A with VEAUX

Celia Gregory: Refresh us about why Nashville? Because you’re not from here, but you relocated here. And maybe the short answer is music. Give me the medium answer.

VEAUX: The medium answer is community. There’s just not a real artistic community where we’re from. No to dog on that, it’s just not the thing there. You know what I mean? People there don’t have a grid for collaboration and community. And so I think for us it was like we could move to L.A., but then we’re all working three jobs at restaurants. Or we could go to a place where we already had some friends out here [Nashville]. And we were already coming out here off and on. We really just loved the vibe and how people were just so connected to one another and supportive of one another.

CG: Yes, that’s been the experience. Like even before a big show you’re playing, you’re playing small shows and meeting people and networking and as that’s happening, your songs are evolving, your sound evolves. We just had somebody here say you sounded way different when I saw you a few years ago. So I remember you telling me some of your influences and they’re all over the board. How are those creeping into the music you’re making now? Is it still a shifting target about what’s inspiring you?

VEAUX: We all listen to a lot of the same music at very different times. So I feel like, right now, I couldn’t even tell you what I’m listening to. But I think the main priority when we get together is just like, “What if we did this?” You know what I mean? Like, what if Mark Ronson was able to work on an Otis Redding track? Stuff like that, where I feel like we just are really interested in collaborations that maybe have never happened. We’re like, “Oh, this would be a really fun way to just approach it for our own sake.” And maybe we even miss the mark on that, but we still had a fun time doing it and it becomes all our own, you know?

CG: I mean, you guys have your instruments here. You also have this approach to beat making and infusing that it seems like a mad scientist type vibe in the vocal camp, right?

VEAUX: Yeah.

CG: I mean that as a compliment. You spoke to collaborations, things that you would like dream up and what you want to sound like, but are there any artists that you specifically would like to collaborate with that would be a dream for you? This is going to be on the internet, so this could be the way you get it done.

VEAUX: Frank Ocean. Just Frank Ocean…and Danger Mouse. Those are my answers.

CG: What is coming up for you all in 2023?

VEAUX: We get a lot of songs coming out. More stuff, more music, more shows. Just a lot of dreaming and being in studio and finding our way.