Emily Young

Events and Promotions Director

Born and raised in Nashville, I had no choice but to develop an affinity for music. From growing up on the country classics and classic rock to developing my own personal taste and discovering the various types of artists Nashville had to offer, I became completely consumed with discovering new music. Since then, my whole life has been dedicated to the local music scene and sharing my knowledge with the Nashville community. There is nothing I love more than supporting the artists I love, so I was thrilled when I began my radio journey in 2015 at Lightning 100 where I was able to book up-and-coming artists for in-studio performances and club shows and support programming efforts specifically within the indie and local music realms. Eventually, I became a part of their on air staff and was able to develop my skills as a DJ. I had always prided myself on my ability to set the mood and make a killer a playlist (just ask my yoga students), but I loved learning the ins and outs of radio specifically. In 2020, I launched my own show called Acid Reflux on Acme Radio, spinning garage, psych rock and any other weird things I love.

I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to serve as a DJ for WNXP, sharing my fondness for the local music scene and beyond and helping Nashville discover their new favorite bands. You can find me on Instagram @theemilyyoung and Twitter at @emilykyoung where I constantly overshare music news and what I’m currently listening to.

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