Ty Segall Brings ‘Three Bells’ to WNXP

It’s a challenge to capture the energy of a gritty rock club once an artist graduates to larger stages and better resources. Yet Ty Segall continues to make music that feels as dynamic and spirited as his early DIY days. The prolific musician has released 15 studio albums as a solo artist, and that doesn’t even begin to cover his other projects and collaborations. With every release, Segall pushes the boundaries of what’s expected. He’s proven he’s more than fuzzed out, distorted guitars, but continues to bring a youthful sense of experimentation to everything he does. Clocking in at 66 minutes, his latest solo effort Three Bells embodies this sense of sonic exploration while staying true to Segall’s garage rock royalty status.

Watch Segall perform “The Bell,” “Void” and “My Best Friend” from Three Bells live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.

Hear Segall discuss how his home life has impacted his creativity, the influence of the LA music scene and more.