‘Where am I going to be free to be who I am?’

At Monday night’s Love Rising event in Nashville, Tenn., artists including Allison Russell, Jason Isbell, Maren Morris, Joy Oladokun and Amanda Shires, along with drag artists, united against new legislation targeting drag performances and transgender people.

What Where When-sday: 31st Annual Let Freedom Sing

This week for What Where When-sday, we discuss the 31st annual Let Freedom Sing with Dr. Jeffery Ames, director of choral activities at Belmont University and conductor of the event. Happening at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center this Sunday, the choose-what-you-pay community event honors the life, legacy and triumphs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The […]

WNXP listeners’ favorite songs of 2023

While counting down the WNXP staff’s collective Top 30 Albums of 2023, it felt right to source the hive mind (that includes you, dear listener!) for favorite individual songs of the year. After all, several bands and artists between record cycles didn’t release an LP in 2023 but did tease us with singles that might […]

WNXP’s Top 30 Albums of 2023

The year-end list is a project that each WNXP DJ basically works on all year round, when you consider all the new music digested and shared with the 91.ONE audience, as well as “side quests” per our own individual tastes. For the aggregated Top 30 records of 2023, we’ve taken all our DJs’ Top 10 […]

Record of the Week: Megan McCormick’s ‘Are and Be’

There’s a slightly accusatory tone to Megan McCormick’s song “Wasting My Time.” Sometimes dwelling on and repeating lines, other times hurtling through them in a blur, she’s singing about an intimate mismatch between people. Their feelings and intentions were fundamentally incompatible, and she fears that she squandered precious time and energy trying to bring them […]

Hozier teases new song about an alternative ending to Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ admits to his screen time and praises Mickey’s bar in Nashville

“In the poem, I think Virgil is a more interesting character, really,” Hozier reflected to me backstage at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville last Friday. Virgil is the poet and guide to Dante down through the nine layers of hell in Dante’s Inferno, the poem that Hozier’s new album Unreal Unearth is based around. At the […]

What Where When-sday – AmericanaFest – 9/20/2023

The Americana Festival and Conference is in its 25th year based right here in Nashville, and so many spots this week around town — including the conference hub at the Westin Hotel and many local music venues within a tight downtown radius — are packed with music-makers, music fans, music journalists and music business professionals […]

New Music Experience: June 9, 2023

This week we are STACKED with new Nashville music from album releases (Jason Isbell, Jenny Lewis) to album announcements (Allison Russell, Nightly) to tour announcements (The Brook and the Bluff) to one-off singles (The Criticals, Miki Fiki) to a little bit of all the above (Okey Dokey, Safari Room). Just press play to hear the […]