Peter One brought a global understanding of country music to his Nashville second act

Home is a theme that comes up a lot in folk and country music, but not usually in the clear-eyed, complex way that Peter One invokes it during “Birds Go Die Out of Sight (Don’t Go Home).” “Don’t go home,” he implores, sounding reedy and slightly plaintive over a lazily swinging shuffle. “There’s nothing for […]

Peter One Comes Home: Watch Him Live at WNXP

Peter One‘s musical journey is unlike any other. The singer, songwriter left his home in Cote d’Ivoire amid political unrest and civil war in the 2000s and moved to Nashville after a successful career as a recording artist in Africa. It’s now been 30 years since he last released music, but his latest album Come […]

Aw, tweet tweet: Songs about birds

In honor of the legions of little purple Martins nested and taking flight in downtown Nashville this time of year (on their annual pilgrimage south), we did two weeks of Thematic Static filled with songs about birds. End of August shows can be streamed here (👇), and the listener who requested the song is named, […]

Nashville’s music community reacts to deadly school shooting

Nashville’s music community expressed empathy, anger and frustration in the wake of a deadly school shooting that took the lives of three children and three adult staff members this morning. Our sister station, WPLN, has ongoing coverage of the shooting with reaction from local and state officials. We surveyed Twitter and Instagram for the conversations […]

Bands of brothers

On the birthday of my one and only sibling, my brother Miles, I played all bands that include blood brothers. In some cases multiple sets and in some cases TWINS! Your requests were numerous and thoughtful, so please enjoy the archived show and also the names of the brothers, which might come in handy at […]