Local hip hop and R&B take the stage at the National Museum of African American Music

Listen to a conversation with Mike Floss, Emoni Wilkins and Khrys Hatch

On the first Friday of every month through April, Slim & Husky’s presents their Unplugged series at National Museum of African American Music. This showcase puts a spotlight on emerging local Black musicians from hip hop, R&B and alternative scenes.

For the second installment of Unplugged, this month will highlight artists FU Stan, Mike Floss, Emoni Wilkins and Khrys Hatch. They joined me to discuss how important showcases like this are for a scene that has been overlooked, how they have seen the local music scene around hip hop and R&B change throughout the years and what they want people in attendance to take away from their experience at Unplugged.

“I would love for them to take away that there’s unity,” Wilkins said. “Another thing I would love for them to understand is that we all come in different forms musically and we all have stories to tell.”

Last month, the showcase highlighted artists Brian Brown, Yours Truly, Jai, Reaux Marquez, Bryant Taylorr and William Davenport. Listen above for my conversation with Wilkins, Floss and Hatch.

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