Swoon Over Bren Joy’s Intimate Sonic Cathedral Session

Adia Victoria, our Artist of the Month for September, filmed performances of three songs from her new album, A Southern Gothic, with a four-piece band, demonstrating her command as a storyteller who need only focus intently on the scenes she’s conjuring to draw us deep into them with her.

Bren Joy had ideas about how to use his voice — and multiply it — from the start

It was just a year or two ago that Bren Joy was rummaging around in his parents’ Nashville attic and found vinyl LPs that both raised and answered questions for him. “I was cleaning some stuff out, looking for something else,” he recalled, “and I saw countless, countless boxes of records and I’m like, ‘What […]

Three Vocal Sounds Bren Joy Studied While Creating His Own

There’s a lot going on just beneath the surface of Twenties, the debut project that Bren Joy dropped independently during college and reissued in a deluxe version with label backing earlier this year. You can hear him fleshing out how he relates to young adulthood, masculinity and Black excellence. He’s ruminative about romance, shrewd about […]

Playlist: Bren Joy Sets The Scene With Songs That Feel Like Sunset

More than once during our recent Zoom interview, Bren Joy spoke of “worlds.” It wasn’t the cosmos he was talking about, but his creative process. When the Nashville-raised twenty-something fleshes out a song idea, he’s thinking of multiple layers, of the overall effect, of how complete a musical experience he might be able to offer […]

New Music Experience: July 23, 2021

While Marquis Munson was on Kanye watch for the album that never came, The New Music Experience— supported by Tennessee Brew Works — still managed to find new music that actually made its way out into the world. Prince and Big Red Machine are among the headliners. Morning host Celia interviews WNXP Record of the […]