A warm welcome to sweatah weathah: Songs about apparel

This (extended) themed set on WNXP was all too easy to compile, much like we’ll soon pile on the layers when it’s finally cool enough to do so. (We’re so close to it actually feeling like fall, for more than two days in a row.)

You sent so many great recommendations for clothing songs, I want to share what was played during the October 20, 2021 #ThematicStatic set (listen!👇🏼) but also offer up the many picks we didn’t air, from likely and unlikely sources, both. Check it out and send in your ideas for future Thursday mornings at wnxp.org/feedback, at anytime!

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Prince – “Raspberry Beret” – Mr. Haro, Hardy and Megan all requested this one, and why not get started at the top of the head if we’re getting dressed and ready for fall?

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins – “Rabbit Fur Coat” – Kaylie requested Queen Jenny’s most low-key, stripped-down ballad, the title track off her 2005 record. Listen!👇🏼

The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather”  – Chris was just one person who recommended this obvious nod to the beginning of the time each year when long-sleeved wool blends are the norm and a real blessing.

Yo La Tengo – “Autumn Sweater” – Andy, Zeb and Whitney separately said, and I paraphrase, “Hold the Pumpkin Spice Latte B.S., and give me this perfect fall song.” Wish granted.

Weezer – “Undone (The Sweater Song)” – Lissa in Maryland, who requested this via Instagram, must’ve known this The Blue Album treasure would resonate big-time with WNXP listeners. The pretend piped-in audio painted such a compelling picture of show-going and after-show party possibilities, too, I couldn’t wait to grow up (“Life’s so rad.”):

– “Hey, what’s up?”
– “Not much”
– “Um, did you hear about the party?”
– “Yeah”
– “I think I’m gonna go, but, um
My friends don’t really wanna go
Could I get a ride?”

“Undone (The Sweater Song)”

Claud – “Cuff Your Jeans” – Nothing is harder on hipsters than the summer months when full-length denim is painfully sweaty and constricting. Here we are in full-time, no-consequences jeans weather and I couldn’t be happier.

Cake – “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” – Megan and Hannah had the perfect ‘fit in mind when they requested this classic. Pre-tights, post-tank top weather = the ideal time for a short skirt and a looooooong…jacket!

Pearl Jam – “Corduroy” – I’ve heard from multiple people that hearing this one on the radio yesterday was a day-maker. That’s listener-supported power, folks. Laura Lou came with the heavy in this rec, since sporting all things corduroy really does distinguish the warm months from the cool. Twist my arm, I’ll play Pearl Jam on WNXP. Here is the isolated audio for your nostalgic satisfaction (listen!👇🏼):

Navy – “Diamonds” – What’s always in season and in style? Them gems really pull any outfit together. We’re spinning the heck out of this new one from Caribbean singer-songwriter Navy, and it fits the theme today, to boot.

Spoon – “The Fitted Shirt” – I think this 20-year-old song by Spoon is one of their best. And it fits the theme, too, hooray! Excerpted lyrics:

One day it’ll take and they’ll start to make
Shirts that fit right
Till then I suppose I’ll stick out dad’s clothes
And that’s alright
Fitted shirt

“Fitted Shirt”

Tash Neal – “Like a Glove” – ICYMI, Marquis Munson interviewed singer-songwriter-guitarist Tash Neal about his debut solo album, which was our #RecordoftheWeek in April and features this tune.

Other Layers

Taylor Swift – “Cardigan” – Martha Ann, Kaylie and Leah all mentioned this one, and super-Swifty Leah even said this ranks in her top five Taylor songs of all time. It’s definitely my favorite from folklore.

Nancy Sinatra -“These Boots Are Made for Walking” – Ximena (who helps to pair smart businesses and community organizations with opportunities to support Nashville Public Radio, thank youuuu!) verbally requested this and I just couldn’t get it on air. But it’s a classic, no doubt, and the sexy, leggy video is worth a watch👇🏼, too:


Sisqó – “Thong Song” – Nobody requested this. And I mean nobody. But if you don’t include the undergarments, how can you layer up? Exactly.

Mountain Man – “Underwear” – Maddie attuned me to this song from the vocalist trio featuring Amelia of Sylvan Esso, and I must agree with the sentiment, “All I want in this world is a chill pair of underwear.”

Sylvan Esso – “Dress” – Speaking of Sylvan Esso, this one was requested by Katie from out of state!

Riff Raff – “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz” – Michael, Michael, Michael. (SMH.) I will not play this on my radio show. But I will link to the weirdo video (watch👇🏼) here on the world wide web. You’re welcome/I’m sorry, WNXP fans:

Arctic Monkeys – “Knee Socks” – go right over your leggings and under your…

Paul Simon – “Gumboots”

Elvis Costello – “The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes” – this debut-album Costello track features these lyrics:

… Oh, I used to be disgusted
But now I try to be amused
But since their wings have got rusted
You know, the angels wanna wear my red shoes

“The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes”

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – “Devil with a Blue Dress On” – RM Williams said this oldie came to mind, and I have great memories of singing the tune in the car with my mom as a youngster in Lexington, Kentucky.

Red or blue, sneakers or boots, jeans or corduroy, sweaters, jackets or coats — whatever fall apparel you’re sporting, I’m grateful you’re dressed up and tuned in to 91.One WNXP!