Yot Club Makes His WNXP Debut

Nashville-based producer, songwriter and musician Ryan Kaiser, who performs under the musical moniker Yot Club, couldn’t have imagined he would end up a viral sensation when he began recording music in his Mississippi bedroom just a few years ago. What started as a fun hobby has grown into hundreds of millions of streams, festival slots and growing fanbase. After his single “YKWIM?” went viral on TikTok, every major label was after Yot Club. While many would chomp at the bit to sign a record deal, Kaiser was adamant about staying independent and loyal to his craft. What resulted was lo-fi bedroom pop perfection in the form of his highly-anticipated debut off the grid.

Still Kaiser faced a new challenge — bringing this music to life with a band. He hadn’t planned on translating his art to a live experience, but he pursued this new approach with as much tenacity as his self-made music. Watch Yot Club perform “u dont kno me,” “off the grid” and “down bad” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.