What Where When-sday: Rudy’s Jazz Room

This week for What Where When-sday, we discuss Rudy’s Jazz Room with owners Adam Charney and Mike Braden. Opening its doors in 2017, the venue brings the spirit of traditional jazz clubs to Nashville while also providing a space for musicians to perfect their craft. Like every small independent music venue, the two face challenges. As Nashville continues to grow, rent becomes higher and parking becomes even more expensive. But the two childhood friends decided to bring their passions together to create an intimate space for music lovers, music creators and fans of New Orleans-style dishes.

Additional event opportunities for all the record collectors out there: Record Store Day Black Friday is happening, so check out your favorite local record stores for some exclusive and limited run releases. On the live music side, there’s a sold-out show at Marathon Music Works with alt-J celebrating the 10-year anniversary of An Awesome Wave. William Tyler and the Impossible Truth hits the stage at the Blue Room on Saturday.

Former WNXP Record of the Week artist midwxst is at The Basement East on Sunday. Check out Senior Music Writer Jewly Hight’s review of midwxst’s record, better luck next time here. For more events, go to WNXP.org/events.