What Where When-sday – Nick Hakim – 01/25/2023

Nick Hakim talks new album ahead of his show at The Blue Room

Here’s another edition of What Where When-sday, keeping you up to date with the events happening in Nashville this week, including Nashville’s own Brian Brown at Drkmttr, the legendary Shelia E at City Winery, former WNXP Nashville Artist of the Month Caitlin Rose at The Blue Room and a whole lot more you can find below.

Our special guest for What Where When-sday this week is NYC-based artist Nick Hakim. His fourth album Cometa, released back in October, features appearances from Helado Negro, Alex G and more. Nick Hakim will perform to a sold-out crowd, also at Third Man’s Blue Room, on Saturday night.

Hear above the conversation WNXP Morning Host Celia had with Nick Hakim before he left for tour. And check out more events happening in Nashville this week here and ongoing at our Events page.