What Where When-sday Bonnaroo Edition – 6/15/22

Stephen Trageser of the Nashville Scene gives the ultimate guide to Bonnaroo

Another edition of What Where Wednesday letting you know what’s happening in Nashville this week. Some live music tonight with Wet with Hannah Jadagu at Basement East and Nashville MC Negro Justice at East Room. Musicians Corner with Liza Anne on Friday night and some events surrounding Juneteenth.

But a lot of people will be heading to Manchester, TN. After two years of the pandemic and bad weather, music is back on the farm at Bonnaroo starting on Thursday and here to break it down is Stephen Trageser of the Nashville Scene, their latest issues Festival Frenzy The Who, What, Where, When and Why of CMA Fest, which was last week, and now this week Bonnaroo. He discuss artists and activities to check out each day and tips for first time Roo attendees.

Listen to our conversation above and check out more events happening this week down below and anytime via wnxp.org/events.