Wednesday Brings Slacker Grunge to the Sonic Cathedral

Asheville quintet Wednesday’s sophomore album Twin Plagues has all the makings of a great indie rock record. Reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Pavement, Wednesday blends the slacker vibe of shoegaze with the distortion of ’90s grunge and a tinge of twang. The band’s quiet, melodic passage is led by frontwoman Karly Hartzman with the support of pedal steel and soft drums and builds into thrashing, fuzzy rock with distorted riffs and gut-wrenching vocals. This sonic approach guides the listener through the emotional rollercoaster of Hartzman’s songwriting.

Witness Wednesday’s slacker grunge as they perform “How Can You Live If You Can’t Love How Can You If You Do,” “Cody’s Only” and “Bath County” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.