Watch Samia’s Confessional WNXP Live Session

Nashville’s Samia has been an artist on WNXP’s radar since the station launched in 2020. A true gift to the Nashville indie music community, Samia nestled her way into the city’s creative circle quickly and is already pushing the scene to new heights. Her sophomore record Honey finds the 25-year-old reflecting on her on past through masterful synth-pop well beyond her years. Self-described as “pathologically confessional,” Samia’s lyrics are vulnerable, relatable and blunt.

“We tried to be as honest as possible and keep the songs as raw as possible,” she said. “We talked a lot about zooming out and zooming in, giving a lot of weight to the small moments and considering them as part of a big picture, how they factor into everything else that’s happening in the world.”

Watch our January 2023 Nashville Artist of the Month Samia perform “Dream Song,” “Stellate” and “Honey” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.