Watch Allison Russell’s Moving Sonic Cathedral Performance

Nashville-based artist Allison Russell has been a talented collaborator in the roots music community for years and has contributed to countless records and projects, but her debut solo album Outside Child proves that Russell deserves the spotlight. The heartbreakingly stunning record tells the story of Russell’s traumatic childhood and her ultimate triumph and growth into the commanding presence she is today. It’s hard to distinguish what is more impressive – the bravery it takes to tell these painful, intimate stories or Russell’s ability to compose music as emotionally intelligent as her lyrics.

But Russell’s collaborative days are far from over. She’s recruited a handful of like-minded artists like guitarist Megan McCormick and string duo SistaStrings to create a live experience that takes listeners along that musical journey to healing. Watch Allison Russell perform “Hy-Brasil,” “4th Day Prayer” and “All Of The Women” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.