Twen Live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral

Nashville is full of independent artists who take a DIY approach to both creating music and marketing their art, but few do it as well and as wholly as WNXP’s current Nashville Artist of the Month, Twen. After their debut Awestruck was released via Frenchkiss records in 2019, the duo knew they were better off on their own. From writing and production to publicity and artwork, it’s all done by Twen’s Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones. But their sophomore effort One Stop Shop is far from amateur. Drawing inspiration from fuzzy psychedelia, garage rock and Brit Pop, the album proves that Fitzsimmons and Jones are quickly becoming masters of nearly every craft. For their live experience, Twen have recruited a handful of fellow local DIY-ers to boost their already full-bodied sound.

Watch Twen perform “Sweet Dreams (In The Parking Lot),” “Dignitary Life,” “One Stop Shop (For A Fading Revolution)” and “HaHaHome” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.