See A.B. Eastwood In His Studio Element, Ambitious And Elevating His Community

This exclusive clip from A.B. Eastwood, filmed at Altru Creative by Third i Media, captures him in his element: he’s at ease using his musical instincts and studio gear to bring ideas to life, even as he lays out the bigger picture of his individual and community ambitions.

“We’re doing this to open our doors to everybody, but me personally, it means a lot to be putting the North first, putting Bordeaux first, where I’m from,” says the keyboard-playing writer-producer with laidback confidence, sporting a Red Sox jersey. “I wanna be the one that shows the people under me, and even people over me, ‘Let me show you how much you can do when you just get one opportunity.'”

Then Eastwood reflects on what he’s already accomplished alongside hip-hop, R&B and pop peers in multiple pockets of his hometown scene, how productive they are and serious about their music-making, despite having to figure things out for themselves outside of the industry system in their backyard. “Things that are happening, I didn’t necessarily think they would happen this way,” he reflects, “but they’re happening, and we’re accepting them, and we’re moving.”

“We’re setting a precedent, man.”