Samia releases new song, “Honey”

It doesn’t sound like it, but “Honey” is the saddest song on the new record. “I fully understand that no one will interpret it that way unless I tell them.” Samia tells us. The song is about the great feeling of being drunk. But came at the cost of being drunk all the time and being punished by all the repercussions that come with being drunk all the time. “Making this record was about finding that feeling and trying to live in it.” Of course, without needing to actually be drunk.

And that is what her new song “Honey” sounds like. It’s a room all glow with your friends all around, at that perfect third drink in. At the end those friends join in and sing along. Though that part of the song is also darker than it leads on. “That sing along, when I imagine it, is me running down the street being chased by all the things I am neglecting.” She reminds us that it is, in fact, the saddest song on the album.

Finally, we asked why the visual of honey and her answer was equally as visual, “The sweetness of honey. But also the way it sort of makes you sick. I always picture myself getting stuck in it and how equally sweet and terrifying that would feel.”

Listen to Samia’s new song, “Honey” here.

“Honey” by Samia