Rhiannon Giddens’ History Lesson and Live Performance at WNXP

Rhiannon Giddens’ list of métiers and accolades is quite long. To name a few, she’s an activist, historian, poet, musician and artist. Through those efforts, she’s won multiple Grammy’s, a Pulitzer Prize and earned a MacArthur “Genius” grant. Even in her musicianship, the list of sounds and genres Giddens explores (and instruments she plays) is equally as long. Her new solo album You’re the One is no different. The 12-song collection weaves everything from folk to zydeco to country, paying homage to the Black and Brown artists who paved the way for the success of these genres.

Hear Giddens discuss the inspiration behind You’re the One and perform the album’s title track plus “Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad” and “Wrong Kind of Right” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.