On the Record: Nathaniel Rateliff on new Night Sweats record ‘South of Here’ and co-headlining tour with My Morning Jacket

Nathaniel Rateliff dropped by WNXP in advance of his band, The Night Sweats, releasing its fourth record South of Here on the Stax label out of Memphis on June 28. After performing an early album single “Heartless” solo acoustic, Rateliff sat down to talk about making this record with producer Bradley Cook, getting on top of his perfectionist-leaning anxiety, is his native Missouri the South (?) and hitting the road with another beloved live rock band, My Morning Jacket.

“The experience making this record was really enjoyable,” he said, about all the bandmates in the room recording live at Sonic Ranch in Texas. “It felt really natural. And I approached it trying to write songs I really liked this time. I feel like the last record I was trying to figure out what were supposed to sound like as a band. I don’t think that really matters, I think it’s just supposed to be songs.”

Rateliff last played Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium last year on his (somewhat delayed and extended) solo tour in support of 2020 record And It’s Still Alright. The full band will trade off first and second slots performing with My Morning Jacket on two consecutive nights September 18 and 19 at Ascend Amphitheater.