Love Your Red Hair Day on #ThematicStatic

On National Love Your Red Hair Day, we are elevating those of you who make up just 2% of the world’s population, are disproportionately left-handed and have historically been rumored to be witches and/or vampires. That’s right, our November 4 #ThematicStatic harnessed the immeasurable power of the gingers! Listen👇🏼 to the show and find other recommended artists below.

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Dry Cleaning – “Unsmart Lady” – Speak-singing as the front person of this band from South London is fiery-haired Florence Shaw, not to be confused with fellow Brit…
Florence + The Machine – “Tiny Dancer” – Florence Welch puts extra vocal oomph into this Elton John cover, so I basically counted two gingers in one tune (clever girl).
Kiwi Jr. – “Undecided Voters”Jeremy Gaudet fronts this Toronto band whose album Cooler Returns is one of my favorites from early in 2021. Watch👇🏼 the official video:

Gillian Welch “Look At Miss Ohio” – This artist’s musical influence (including in East Nashville, where she set up Acony Records with partner David Rawlings years before Five Points was cool) cannot be overstated. Just ask fellow local folky Adia Victoria, who tweeted this earlier in the week.
Kathleen Edwards – “Glenfern” – In a rare-on-WNXP double-shot of Americana, I couldn’t help but elevate Kitty after Gillian.
The New Pornographers – “Mass Romantic” – Including prolific gingers Neko Case AND A.C. Newman, this band was a no-brainer and requested by Amanda, Zach and Whitney! For the unfortunately unaware, behold the brilliance of these New Pornos via NPR Music First Listen session from the Brill Building back in 2014. Watch! 👇🏼

Cyndi Lauper – “She Bop” – Sure, it’s brightly colored now, but this natural redhead bust through the scene in the early ’80s and has not quit. Listen to a fun and recent discussion of Queen Cyndi on Sam Sanders’ NPR show “It’s Been a Minute.”
Spoon – “The Hardest Cut” – It was not a chore to play this new banger from one of the best indie rock bands of our time, nor was it terrible to connect on a quick call with strawberry blonde frontman Britt Daniel for WNXP. Listen 👇🏼 to him intro the track:

Britt Daniel on “The Hardest Cut”

Garbage – “Only Happy When It Rains” – Singer Shirley Manson was mentioned by Instagrammer/listener Laeh!
Orla Gartland – “Zombie!” – One might think this Irish singer-songwriter (requested by Nathan) is among the highest concentration of redheads in the world, but it’s actually Scotland that holds that title (at 13% of population redheaded vs. 11% in Ireland). Enter…
The Cocteau Twins – “Iceblink Luck” – This Scottish trio was divinely requested by Laura. Here’s the official video that was released with their 1990 record Heaven or Las Vegas. Watch!👇🏼

Squirrel Flower – “Headlights” Ella Williams and her band played our Sonic Cathedral recently and you should totally take 12 minutes to get centered watching the session over here.

Seeing (More) Red

Here are additional singers with recessive genes that make their hair the envy of the world, their incredible songs notwithstanding:

  • Karen Elson – This multi-hyphenate Brit is also a Middle Tennessean so suffice to say we love her extra.
    Glen Hansard – One half of The Swell Season and star of fan-favorite low-budget indie film Once, Hansard also fronts The Frames and played a young Irish musician in ’90s cult classic The Commitments.
  • Liza Anne – She’s back to platinum blonde, but this natural redhead is playing our First Anniversary party at Exit/In December 1! Get your ticket now at
  • Trey Anastasio – What, y’all really thought I wouldn’t mention Big Red, the Jedi himself? Here’s a potentially indie-palatable Gorillaz cover for you anti-jam folks (I know you outnumber us crunchies). Come for the groove, stay for local powerhouse Jennifer Hartswick on the verses and choral harmonies. Listen! 👇🏼
  • Lera Lynn – Lynn is playing a hometown show this Sunday night!
  • Girlhouse – Don’t sleep on the lovely and first ever Sonic Cathedral session with this local trio, led by ginger Lauren Luiz.
  • Heather BondHere‘s what her hometown NPR Music Station has to say about the Louisville, Kentucky songwriter.
  • Finneas – The producer brother-collaborator of Billie Eilish, Ximena reminded me Finneas is sort of a redhead.
  • Honorable mention to fork-wielding, fin-sporting Princess Ariel because this is one of the all-time best Disney ballads and I will not argue with you about it:

:: Underwater mic drop…sink ::