Five places where Erin Rae finds modest treasures

Sure, Erin Rae made a pilgrimage out west to ruggedly pastoral Topanga Canyon to record her new album Lighten Up with Jonathan Wilson producing, and trekked to a former monastery-turned-studio in Wisconsin to make the album before it. But just as she searched out landscapes and settings where she and her collaborators could tend her music and coax her writerly insights into exquisite bloom, she gives patient attention to how she textures her daily life back in Nashville.

When I interviewed her recently, she was in the midst of packing to move out of an apartment where an old space heater softly knocked in the living room corner. Her brief tour of the space highlighted a parlor organ she’d acquired at an estate sale in Memphis and a pair of flared pants that she was fashioning from a pastel quilt on a second-hand sewing machine, before she settled into the well-loved upholstery of a chair that she’d spotted on Facebook marketplace, and apologized for its creaks.

Connoisseur that she is, Rae made us a list of her five favorite places in and around Nashville to look for vintage or antique items that have just the right character.  

1. Anaconda Vintage

2. Nashville Dry Goods

3. East Nashville Antiques (formerly 8th Ave Antique Mall)

4. Starland Emporium (formerly Pre-to-Post Modern)

5. Goodlettsville Antique Mall