Deeper Showcases New Sound Live at WNXP

In a city full of indie up-and-comers, Chicago’s Deeper stands apart from the rest. After mastering a modern post-punk sound on their first two albums, their latest full length Careful! gets a little darker and a lot weirder.

According to frontman Nic Gohl, the band never wanted to stay in one genre. The isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic and separation from any audience allowed him and his bandmates Shiraz Bhatti, Drew McBride, and Kevin Fairbairn the freedom to think independently and experiment individually. The result was a 13-song collection that pushes Deeper to their limits. The post-punk foundation is still there, but elevated and warped with synthesizers and modern effects pedals — transforming Deeper into a prog rock band with a hint of darkness. With bright dancey moments also present, Careful! is proof Deeper can do it all.

Watch Deeper transform these songs live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral as they perform “Build a Bridge,” “Everynight” and “Bite” off Careful!