Built to Spill Previews New Album at the Sonic Cathedral

Indie icons Built to Spill are officially back and better than ever. The band has announced their new album When the Wind Forgets Your Name drops September 9 via their new label Sub Pop. The record was produced by BTS mastermind Doug Martsch and features his unique guitar tone and visceral chord progressions backed by Le Almeida and João Cases, two members of the Brazilian psychedelic band Oruã.

While the collaborations are new, the sound is quintessential Built to Spill. The lead single “Gonna Lose” sounds like a standout track from 1999’s Keep It Like a Secret and proves how timeless Martsch’s sound truly is. The forthcoming album also marks a new touring lineup with Martsch joined by rhythm section Melanie Radford and Teresa Esguerra.

Witness the new era of Built to Spill as they perform fan favorites “The Plan,” “I Would Hurt A Fly” and “Virginia Reel Around the Fountain” plus When the Wind Forgets Your Name‘s anthemic single “Gonna Lose” live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.