Allison Russell Live at the National Museum of African American Music

Allison Russell is making waves and inciting change. Her solo debut, 2021’s Outside Child, was heartbreaking and triumphant and expanded many people’s views of roots music. Now her sophomore effort The Returner has earned the Nashville songwriter, musician and activist four Grammy nominations including Best Americana Album.

“My goal with The Returner – sonically, poetically, and spiritually – is a radical reclamation of the present tense, a real time union of body, mind, and soul. This album is a much deeper articulation of rhythm, groove, and syncopation. Groove as it heralds the self back into the body, groove as it celebrates sensual and sexual agency and flowering, groove as an urgent call to action and political activism,” Russell said.

Watch Russell’s moving performance of “Quasheba, Quasheba,” “The Returner” and “Stay Right Here” live at the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville.

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