Wow, You’ve Got Good Taste

In a fitting celebration of our amazing listeners’ diverse tastes as reflected on 91.ONE, the December 9 #ThematicStatic fell on the second-to-last day of our final Fund Drive of 2021, which has been the station’s first full year in operation. We believe that the genre, gender, generational, and geographic diversity you’ve come to expect on WNXP combines each day, really each hour, to make a delicious stew that is greater than the sum of its ingredients. And that’s why you give now!

Find the proof in the pudding that is this tasty streamed show, plus other requests we could not fit into the 9 o’clock hour. Listen! 👇🏼

#ThematicStatic Playlist

Japanese Breakfast – “Paprika – When I first heard this lovely song, even before we played it on WNXP, I thought about putting together a #ThematicStatic set about spices. I kid you not, Thursday mornings have altered my brain chemistry and music consumption. Thank you guys, I think.
Booker T. & The M.G.’s – “Green Onions” – Get some garlic going and add a bunch of sliced green onions. This is as classic instrumental funk/soul as it gets. I bet a majority of blind taste testers would recognize song even if they don’t know its name or who played it.

COIN – “Sprite” – A refreshing dose of lemon lime local love, ahhhhh. Mal also requested “Chapstick” by COIN, but we needed a gulp of “Sprite” before setting our mouth alight with…
Yo La Tengo – “Don’t Say a Word (Hot Chicken #2)” – The real YLT brings it in a soft song with a parenthetical nod to Nashville’s most gut-wrecking delicacy.
Salt-N-Pepa – “Push It” – Anyone who knows their ass from their elbow in the kitchen knows you must have S&P on hand to make anything savory anywhere close to decent. In terms of the battery powered black pepper grinder: PUSH IT REAL GOOD.
Okey Dokey – “Delicious (Generationals Remix)” – This Nashville banned played the original version of “Delicious” in our Sonic Cathedral in a fun live session + interview you can find here. Yummy.
The 1975 – “Chocolate” – Levia requested this hit from The 1975’s 2013 self-titled record. Worth noting, Levia and her husband Grant also became Founding Members of WNXP this week! This is what they said, you’re not crying, I’m crying.

We wake up with Celia on our morning commute, and Marquis gets our toes tapping on the way home! You hear the absolute best variety of music on this station and that’s why we’re pledging support. Thank you to all the staff and DJ’s for making the soundtrack to our day!              

Grant & Levia, Founding Members of WNXP

Jenny Lewis – “Red Bull & Hennessy” – Shoutout to longtime listener Nancy for requesting a song 1) we didn’t have in the library yet, shame on us, 2) by a now-local artist/goddess, and 3) that made me want this sweet up/down mixed drink at a very inappropriate time in the a.m.
The Long Winters – “Cinnamon” – Tis the season to dash all of your sweet an savory goodies — at least the orange ones — with a little bit of cinnamon, which harkens back to this delightful ditty from an under-appreciated mid-aughts indie rock band. Going to listen to this whole album, When I Pretend to Fall, over something pumpkin-y now, in preparation for a winter of any length.

Bonus Birthday Presents

Herbie Hancock – “Watermelon Man” – From KB on Instagram. Ahhh, watermelon got me thinking of summer 2022 already.
Slowdive – “Sugar For the Pill” – Vince said “gonna sound like a zillion bucks on the radio” so it’s my plan to play it one day soon! Meantime, hear it through your computer or phone speakers here:

XTC – “Garden of Earthly Delights” – Thanks, Matt, and sorry I didn’t get this one into the set!
Hayley Williams – “Sugar On The Rim” – Xandy also volleyed up some local love in a request for Hayley.

Get your final Winter Fund Drive year-end gifts in before 7 p.m. by clicking the Give Now button up there (top right) and feel soooo good, belly and heart full, going into the weekend. We so love that your ears are tuned to WNXP and thank you very much.