What Where When-sday with Do615 – 6/8/22

If the name of your game is commercial country music, boy I bet you’re pumped about CMA Fest over the next few days in Nashville! But seeing as you’re reading this on the website for WNXP — your station for indie rock, pop, hip hop and soul — I’m going to guess you’re seeking alternatives to this annual boots, babes and lite beer extravaganza (not that there’s anything wrong with any one of those three things in moderation).

Zach from Do615 joined me to discuss other live music opportunities this week, their site’s assembled Pride Guide pointing you to celebration stations citywide and month-long, plus the chance to see a ’90s film favorite and gorge on villainous noodles. Intrigued?

Listen in to our chat (☝️) and find more WNXP-recommended events below (👇). You can also check wnxp.org/events.