What Where When-sday With Do615 – 10/27/21

Is seeing live music your favorite pastime that is gloriously present-tense again? Mine, too! There’s never a shortage of stuff to do in Nashville these days, but our concert run-downs are longer and longer with Chris and Zach of Do615 each week, especially in these last few days of ROCKtober 2021. Check out some highlights and detailed recommendations below, and in the recording above. I’d be remiss if I didn’t call out Shannon & The Clams, our #RecordoftheWeek spotlighted group and the headliners at the WNXP Presents show at The Basement East on Thursday, a venue we’re celebrating sonically through a #ThematicStatic set tomorrow (Thursday at 9:11am), too.

Maybe your majority free time is spent outside of concert venues (and that’s awesome, too!) — this final run of the month includes several seated-but-spooky opportunities like multiple outdoor movie nights and a fancy murder mystery dinner at a hotel. Halloween Trunk or Treating in the safety of daylight is a family-friendly option on Sunday just across the river in East Nashville. Or get in the holiday spirit with your pet and a pint at Jackalope, if your pups are adorably costumed and competitive about it. Boo/Woof!

Learn more details about the mentioned events, and others during future weeks, at our curated list here: