What Where When-sday – Larissa Maestro of My So-Called Band – 12/28/2022

Happy (almost) New Year to all of us. We’ve (almost) made it! Saturday night offers a host of activities, many of them pertaining to live music, to ring in 2023. After a quick rundown of some of these options, I check in on this What Where When-sday with one of the lead vocalists of long-running ’90s music tribute act My So-Called Band, Larissa Maestro. My So-Called Band has thrown a New Year’s Eve bash in Nashville for nearly every year of the group’s 14-year history, bringing the Millennial nostalgia this time to East Side Bowl.

Above, Maestro talks about the band’s family vibe (she’s actually married to a MSCB bandmate!), the epic set lists, and also her “surprise” Instrumentalist of the Year recognition at the 2022 Americana Honors and Awards show this September.

Because of Maestro’s extra inspiring roles as composer, arranger and utility player in so many other nooks of Nashville’s robust music scene, including work with the Nashville Ballet, I’m tacking on two more segments to this post, highlighting her work in the all-womxn backing band of fellow Nashville-based Americana Award winner Allison Russell —

And also Maestro’s big plans for 2023 —

Catch up with Larissa Maestro and the other talented music-makers that comprise My So-Called Band if you attend the New Year’s Eve show on Saturday. Find other NYE celebrations and final-week-of-2022 events below, and get informed on regional happenings anytime at wnxp.org/events.