What Where When-sday – Kindling Arts Fest & NashFeels- 07/26/2023

Listen to this week’s breakdown for What Where When-sday

This week we welcomed guests from two events, starting with the Kindling Arts Fest. The 4-day celebration of performing arts runs Thursday through Sunday and features 18 performance-based projects held across various West Nashville venues, including OZ Arts Nashville, The Darkhorse Theatre, Nashville School for the Aerial Arts, The Barbershop Theater and the Global Education Center. Jessika Malone, Founding Artistic Director at Kindling, filled us in on a couple of the performances — Bar Fight 2666 and an improv performance ripped from the discussions on an East Nashville Facebook Group.

Our second guest was D’Llisha Davis, co-Founder of NashFeels. The popular, social R&B and hip hop event is celebrating five years with two nights at Brooklyn Bowl. Friday night focuses on Afrobeat, R&B, and Reggae with Afro Love, and Saturday night will feature special guest R&B singer O’Ryan.

Listen to our conversations with Jessika Malone & D’Llisha above and check out more events happening this week below