What Where When-sday – Briston Maroney’s “Paradise” – 11/2/2022

Oh boy, the Halloween candy sugar high has crashed hard, and the end of Daylight Saving Time looms. But you can get re-energized by local happenings identified in this week’s What Where When-sday and stay connected to musical artists, comedians, sports teams and more — even in the darkness.

Remember that Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Make your plan to vote and get familiar with what and who is on the ballot by checking your info at govotetn.gov. (Note: WPLN News also has several short explainers on the four proposed amendments to the state constitution, which I found very helpful for translating legislative wording into layman’s terms.)

Former Nashville Artist of the Month Briston Maroney Zoomed with me in anticipation of his two nights of “Paradise” at Brooklyn Bowl, featuring many of his (and WNXP’s) favorite artists. Listen to the segment and share!

For more local happenings, see below and check out our Events page anytime at wnxp.org/events.