What Where When-sday – An End for EXIT/IN – 11/16/2022

OK, so #45 has announced his intention to run for President again. Tay-Tay broke the internet with her Ticketmaster presale bum-rush. The 2023 Grammy nominations include loads of local and heard-on-WNXP artists, including the headliners of our sold-out 2nd birthday bash, Wet Leg.

But the real news of the week for Music City’s music-loving community was the official word that Exit/In club owners Chris and Telisha Cobb cannot and will not continue running the historic venue on the Midtown Nashville Rock Block of Elliston Place. Farewell shows scheduled for the final days of their ownership will feature local legends and indie faves, including the “retired” six-piece Diarrhea Planet.

Marquis Munson got the Exit/In story scoop from Stephen Trageser of The Nashville Scene — how did it come to this, and do we know what’s next? I connected with one of Diarrhea Planet’s four guitarists (wear your earplugs at those shows, for the love), Evan Bird, about the honor in playing twice more at the club that first took them seriously.

Listen to this extended and newsworthy What Where When-sday. For more local happenings, see below and check out our Events page anytime at wnxp.org/events.