The luck (and jams) of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day week included this themed set packed with your favorite music-makers from The Emerald Isle. Such a righteous playlist is evergreen (ha), so enjoy streaming any old time and share with others!🍀

Listen (👇🏼) to the archived March 16 #ThematicStatic and get your requests in this week on Twitter or Instagram @WNXPNashville.

#ThematicStatic Playlist – 3/16/23

U2 – “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – This is a song about the violent clashes in Derry (Northern Ireland) in 1972, and one of U2’s biggest hits, still and probably forever. Check this out from Live Aid 1985:

Aoife Nessa Frances “Way to Say Goodbye” – Here is a beautiful track from this artist’s newest, Protector.

Inhaler – “Love Will Get You There” – Teddy At Night, a local artist, requested Inhaler, which happens to be fronted by Elijah Hewson the son of the frontman for U2 you might have heard of (Paul David Hewson, a.k.a. Bono).

Fontaines D.C. – “Jackie Down The Line” – Ty requested these Dubliners, who played in Nashville last fall and — on show day — two members graced our Sonic Cathedral to play some originals, as well as a cover of this tear-jerker…

Sinead O’Connor – “Black Boys on Mopeds” – Whew, Sinead. Whew.

Villagers – “The First Day” – Conor O’Brien is Villagers and we once played a lot of this track, cinematic and glorious, from his 2021 record. Irish groups #ThematicStatic seemed to be a perfect time to revive it.

Cranberries – “Liar” – Stephanie asked for this quintessential Irish export who came to prominence worldwide in the ’90s. You’ll hear more Cranberries on ’90s Weekend during our Spring Fund Drive!

My Bloody Valentine – “Only Shallow” – Katy requested this song specifically from the Anglo-Irish group that formed in Dublin before relocating to London. And the people rejoiced with more shoegaze on the radio!

The Frames – “Another Love Song” – A young Glen Hansard fronted this band around the same time he got picked up to play a main role in the 1991 film The Commitments. Hansard went on to form The Swell Season with costar and romantic partner Marketa Irglova throughout their time with the indie hit film Once. The Swell Season’s returning to Nashville in August to play their beautiful and mostly sad songs at Ryman Auditorium. (P.S. We’re giving away a pair of tickets!)

Just Mustard – “Still” – Another Stephanie request! This band from Dundalk is on the up-and-up, so you can say you knew them when.

Rejjie Snow ft. Pell – “Virgo” – Zach, whose diverse tastes in indie music from Nashville to all over the world, turned us on to this emergent hip-hop star out of Dublin.

The Pogues – “If I Should Fall from Grace with God” – Rex called up the most Irish-sounding band actually based in London but playing traditional tunes with a punk ethos.

Róisín Murphy – “Shellfish Mademoiselle” – A happenstance introduction to music fan Sierra yielded this great request for an artist seconded by Instagram follower Mark. More disco on the radio, they say! Here’s what Murphy sings in this delicious track:

How dare you sentence me
To a lifetime without dancing
When my body’s built for feeling
And keeping good time and keeping good time

“Shellfish Mademoiselle”

Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak” – Kevin asked for this one, and it felt good at the end of the set. But a listener Joe also wanted some Thin Lizzy, and his pick was for a different tune off Thin Lizzy’s 1976 record, a song called “Running Back.” About this song, Joe emailed: “I’m in the midst of some heartbreak, and it’s such a powerful song. Even without the lyrics, the tonality comes through the guitar work and thumping good rhythm section. Thanks for all you do. Here’s to someone, anyone feeling the sting of love. Keep your heads up. Be good to yourself and be good to others.” Thank YOU, Joe. Here’s “Running Back” for you, and for the people: