Sun June’s Sultry Sonic Cathedral Session

Austin five-piece Sun June released Somewhere in February 2021 and quickly followed up with an expanded edition featuring three new songs earlier this year. The band calls the album their “prom” record, highlighting the overwhelming rush of puppy love and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies it.

“The prom idea started as a mood for us to arrange and shape the music to, which we hadn’t done before,” the band explains. “Prom isn’t all rosy and perfect. The songs show you the crying in the bathroom, the fear of dancing, the joy of a kiss – all the highs and all the lows.”

It also represents the growth in Sun June’s sound. Led by the gentle vocals of Laura Colwell and featuring the sultry sounds of saxophone, Somehwere and Somewhere (Expanded) showcase a maturity in the band’s ability to collaborate and experiment with new sonic landscapes.

Watch Sun June perform “Once In A While,” “Karen O” and “Reminded” from Somewhere (Expanded) live at WNXP’s Sonic Cathedral.