*repeat repeat take us out to their farm in an exclusive clip

A few years back, Nashville indie rock partners Jared and Kristyn Corder of *repeat repeat moved their growing menagerie of rescue animals from the Eastside to a 19th century home sitting on 12 acres about an hour outside the city in order to set up a home/studio they’ve dubbed Polychrome Ranch. Since then, they’ve been sharing singles and social media videos to stay connected with their fans during the pandemic and a two-year absence from the stage. Their music has matured and deepened during the time, a TikTok surprise helped bring a whole new audience into their world (more on that later) and their animals — a trio of donkeys, several dogs and cats and a dancing parrot — have become social media stars of their own.

In a video made especially for WNXP, Jared gives a deadpan behind-the-scenes tour of their colorful life and a sneak peak of the gorgeous vista from their in-progress studio space.