Record of the Week: WNXP’s Record Store Day 2023 picks

Record Store Day is a day where we celebrate brick and mortar record stores across the world and in our own home cities. In order for the Record Store Day powers that be to get us into said record stores they entice us with a list of releases that are only available on said Record Store Day. The list is long. This year there are over 300 records that are being pressed just for this Saturday, April 22, which is Record Store Day. In order to narrow the list down a little bit, our DJs have curated a selection of choice sides that we will be picking out of the crates this Saturday afternoon.

Celia Gregory picks: Brownout Presents: Brown Sabbath Vol. 1

What’s more metal than Black Sabbath? Arguably, it’s Black Sabbath with horns. And you can find just that in the music of Brownout, a multi-ethnic supergroup out of Austin, Texas featuring members of Grammy-winning Latin funk-rock outfit Grupo Fantasma. A decade ago, the band formed the alias Brown Sabbath to faithfully but creatively cover some of their favorite tunes (including “The Wizard” and “Iron Man”), releasing Brown Sabbath Vol. 1 in 2014 to great acclaim, and absolutely enchanting festival crowds like at Bonnaroo 2015. Ozzy himself is on record saying he thinks Brownout is “f**king awesome,” and who are we to disagree? They’ve released even more covers on Brown Sabbath Vol. 2, in addition to five albums featuring their originals, also worth a listen.

The first vinyl pressing of Brown Sabbath Vol. 1 sold out quickly, but Record Store Day 2023 boasts a slick new double-LP release. Hence, my #RecordoftheWeek pick in advance of the nerdiest and best holiday for music lovers. Go forth and Brownout, friends.

Justin Barney picks: Soul Jazz Records Presents: 200% DYNAMITE! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk & Dub in Jamaica

When the list comes out I always go right to the compilations. There are always a bunch of great comps on Record Store Day and with a well curated compilation you learn a lot about a specific kind of music in a very short amount of time.

My eyes took me to a compilation being released by Soul Jazz Records called 200% Dynamite! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk and Dub in Jamaica. This is my jam. 1970’s Jamaica produced music that would go on to influence nearly all music to come and still always sounds so incredibly cool. This record has some first-step artists like Augustus Pablo and The Skatalites but also digs deeper into the variety of music that defined an era in Jamaica and beyond. It’s a time and place that I feel like I know a little bit about but after I pick up this fourteen song compilation I will learn a lot more.

Emily Young picks: Canned Heat Vintage

Two years ago, Canned Heat fans rejoiced when Record Store Day re-released the band’s legendary 1968 double-album Living The Blues which was long out of print and rarely found in the second-hand market.

This year, another Canned Heat rarity gets the same treatment. Produced by the “Godfather of Rhythm and Blues” Johnny Otis, Vintage features  psychedelic covers of blues classics like Muddy Waters’ “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” and Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful” — a real treat for psych and blues heads alike.

Jason Moon Wilkins picks: Holy Church Of The Ecstatic Soul – A Higher Power: Gospel, Funk & Soul At The Crossroads 1971-83

While I almost picked the Dutch psych-rock deep dive Behind the Dykes 3, I ultimately went with Holy Church Of The Ecstatic Soul – A Higher Power: Gospel, Funk & Soul At The Crossroads 1971-83. The double LP delves into an era after soul music provided the foundation for rock and roll to the years when that river of influence began to flow back to its source.

It shows how gospel legends like Shirley Caesar and Andraé Crouch took the sounds coming from Blaxploitation-films and disco dancefloors and brought them into the church. The label Soul Jazz also points out many of these funky gospel records found new life in the sampling era ending up on tracks by Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Mary J Blige. Here’s one of the tracks from Holy Church Of The Ecstatic Soul  it’s the Meditation Singers with Trouble’s Brewin’.

Aaron Monty picks: The Cure Show

Ah, vinyl, the preferred listening format of audiophiles and aficionados alike! And it’s not just about the sound quality – it’s about the experience. So, when I heard that The Cure’s 1993 live album Show was available on vinyl for Record Store Day, I almost decided to camp out at Grimey’s to be the first in line to grab a copy.

And let me tell you, it will not disappoint. Recorded at the height of shoegaze alt rock heaven in a Michigan suburb, this live concert is like a time capsule of pure gothic goodness. You can practically hear the black eyeliner being sharpened as the crowd goes wild between songs. And don’t even get me started on the hits — “Pictures of You,” “Friday I’m In Love,” “In Between Days” — it’s like they’re all performed with a level of emotional intensity that can only be achieved by invoking the spirit of a truly depressed synthesizer.

And speaking of intensity, Show is like a musical rollercoaster ride through Robert Smith’s psyche, with soaring vocals and haunting melodies that will leave you feeling like you just got through with a particularly emotional therapy session. It’s like the musical equivalent of wearing black eyeliner, cherry red lipstick, and a trench coat on a sunny day — totally impractical but undeniably cool. So, if you want to live through a classic goth experience, grab yourself a copy of Show on vinyl, slip on your best pair of combat boots, and let The Cure transport you to a world of darkness, angst, and musical genius.

Record Store Day events in Nashville

Grimey’s 1060 E Trinity Ln — Opens early at 10AM and will have many of the Record Store Day exclusive releases.

Vinyl Tap 2038 Greenwood Ave — Opens at 9AM. There will be two stages featuring live music (including former Nashville Artist of the Month Erin Rae), beer specials and food vendors. All titles other than RSD exclusives and Friday releases will be on sale.

The Vinyl Lab 1414 3rd Ave S — Along with Oh Boy Records will have live music from The Wild Feathers, JD Clayton, Tre Burt, The Young Fables and others.

The Groove1103 Calvin Ave — Live music in the backyard, food trucks, cold beverages and RSD exclusive releases.

Swaggie Records 211 Union St — Opens at 9AM and will have RSD exclusive releases.

Third Man Records623 7th Ave S — Open at 11AM. Will have a limited number of Jack White’s Rough Trade exclusive records. 10% off of in-store purchases with receipt from other local record store.