R.A.P Ferreira gives us a peek behind the curtain with a playlist of his muses

In R.A.P. Ferreira’s song “abomunist manifesto” he reads, and adds to the Abomunist Manifesto, a poem and ideology written by Black beat poet Bob Kaufman in 1959. Kaufman was so committed to living what he saw as an artistic life that he stopped publishing and yelled his poetry on street corners in San Francisco. Ferreira sees himself in living a life that is in service to art. “Lineage is important to me. Documenting Black people and Black people ideas and Black culture is important to me.”

R.A.P. Ferreira’s playlist is one that is full of muses like Bob Kaufman. Those who are highly capable and educated, who have thrown that into standing on the street corner of Art, yelling poetry at the passers by.