Playlist: Phosphorescent’s celestial inspirations

Nashville Artist of the Month Phosphorescent, just released his first album of original material in several years, Revelator. But between this release and the first album Phosphorescent aka Matthew Houck, made as a Nashville resident, 2018’s C’est La Vie, he tackled a different beast, releasing a new cover song for each full moon throughout 2022. To mark it’s significant influence on Revelator, Houck crafted a playlist of the originals — spanning folk, soul and country — alongside his own versions from The Full Moon Project LP.

“This is a playlist of the songs I covered for a project called The Full Moon Project, wherein I released a song for every full moon in the year of 2022. That project ended up heavily influencing the sound of Revelator. It was a perfect chance to refine and explore crafting sounds at my studio Spirit Sounds in Nashville and as soon as I finished that project I dove directly into the making of Revelator.”