Playlist: Music That Inspires Daisha McBride

Our affably ambitious and cleverly adaptable Nashville Artist of the Month for June, Daisha McBride—who’s been known as the Rap Girl since her teens—selected 20 tracks sampling an array of sounds and sensibilities, from boy band pop-R&B to multiple generations and styles of trap hit-makers, melodic rappers, hip-hop experimentalists, conscious emcees and southern-accented voices. There was, she specified, a method to her playlist-making madness.

“When it comes to making music, I think I just my sound is whatever I’m feeling that day,” she said in an interview. “These are 20 songs that I feel like really represent the music I’ve been making lately. They’re examples of all the different moods and vibes that I can be feeling that day. And it’s like, ‘Why I limit myself to just one?’ I get super experimental. Every single one of those artists, I like something different about them, and I think that they do something special on those records. I think that they all somehow combine to reflect my music taste and what I do and who I am in some way.”

Listen to the playlist: