Playlist: Music That inspires Briston Maroney

WNXP’s Nashville Artist of The Month for May, Briston Maroney was kind enough to share a playlist of songs that have been speaking to him lately. Read through Briston’s notes and hear the playlist below.

From Briston:

1.) NOBODY ASKED IF I WAS OK – Sky Ferreira
One of the best parts about discovering songs is feeling like someone is saying something you didn’t know how to. That’s exactly what this song feels like to me! The way Sky so confidently admits to wanting to be needed hit HOME.

2.) MODERN MAN – Arcade Fire
Good lord, I was late to the game on this one. This one feels like a big ole hug for 14 year old me, a tip of the hat to feeling so misunderstood but kind of on your own accord. Love the simplicity and the warmth! Look at me go using the word “warmth” to describe a song!

3.) GREAT SALT LAKE – Band of Horses
This is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time and something I always listen to in spring. It feels like you just pulled yourself out of a swimming hole and walked into a cave with your best friends if that makes sense (I’m sure it doesn’t!). It reminds me of feeling like I could do anything as a kid while being fully aware I had a curfew to meet in an hour.

4.) YOU ALL OVER ME – Taylor Swift ft. Maren Morris)
God this song melts me into a stupid little buddy. Im such a sucker for a slow jammer like this, gives me chills to think of Tay and Maren sitting on stools singing this at an arena show. Definitely one I would’ve thought they were singing just for me in a crowd of thousands :’)

There are literally no other songs like this hahah. Set a new standard for a folk song in my mind. I love how every voice couldn’t be more unique, but still somehow feels like one. Beautiful all around.

This album quite literally flipped my entire world upside down. Arlo has such an incredible way of making every word or name make it feel like you are walking in the shoes of the experience she was at the time. So damn genuine, couldn’t be more inspiring.

7.) COOL DRY PLACE – Katy Kirby
Katy Kirby is literally going to save the universe if you ask me! This song stands on such beautifully delicate yet strong feet like no other I’ve heard. Katy’s voice and performance are both comforting and earth-shattering, an instant go to for spring walks!!

8.) LAUGHING WITH – Kishi Bashi
This is my favorite kind of cover, Kishi somehow made me love this song as much as the original Regina Spektor version. Such a beautiful sentiment and you can tell it’s coming from such a pure place, hard to beat that.

9.) FAVOR – Julien Baker
We got snowed in here in Nashville in February, for like 7 days straight, and this was basically all I listened to the entire time. So beautiful, lots of nods to some of the emo/pop punk shit I grew up loving, but in a completely unique to Julien way.

10.) HEADSICK – USERx, Matt Maeson feat. Manchester Orchestra
I’m a massive fan of everyone involved in this collab, truly such an amazing song! Love the structure and the explosion at the end is one the kind of collapsing chaos every artists dreams of capturing in a record. Frankly, baddass.

Here’s the playlist: