Playlist: Mama Zu soundtracks your next dinner party

Nashville-based artist Linwood Regensberg dug into some years-old playlists he and his late Those Darlins bandmate and friend Jessi Zazu were spinning in the era of writing and recording the songs you can now hear on the Mama Zu record Quilt Floor, released in February. Regensberg said this to introduce the mighty and eclectic mix:

“Here’s a mega mixtape glimpse into what we might have been listening to around the time of the making of Quilt Floor, as well as some other songs I found to be really compelling in that same visceral sort of way as I was rebooting the project. Perfect for your next dinner party, you’ll know it’s time for your guests to leave by its end, but the music might have them insisting upon another round of dessert. Enjoy.”