Playlist: Brittany Howard gets eclectic

Brittany Howard’s new album is not tethered to any kind of musical trend or sound of the time. In an interview with our own Jewly Hight, Howard said, “The direction I’m going to go in musically usually has to do with my headspace.” The headspace of any artist is often filled with the songs they are listening to at the moment.

The playlist that Brittany Howard made for WNXP is truly eclectic. It stretches from the 1970s soul of The O’Jays and Stevie Wonder to contemporary, boundary-pushing artists like Caroline Polachek. She also ventures into the obscure — stream this playlist and you will learn something. There is a song with a Japanese title from Jiro Inagaki and His Soul Media plus instrumental ukulele from Hawaiian artist Ray Kane. Given these suggestions, we are ready to give Brittany Howard a weekend shift on WNXP.