New Music Experience: Shannon and the Clams

This week, special guests Shannon and the Clams stop by to talk about their new album The Moon is in the Wrong Place, the third made in Nashville for Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound. We talk about everything from the artistic expression of grief to Nashville’s homemade answer to the filet-o-fish and even go for a musical ride inside the song Shannon compares to notorious fairway favorite, the Graviton. Listen above.

Raye “Genesis”
Soccer Mommy “Lost”
Shannon and the Clams “The Moon is in the Wrong Place,” “The Hourglass,” “Real or Magic”
Angelica Garcia “Paloma”
Bonny Light Horseman “Tumblin Down”
Brijean “Euphoric Avenue”

Bonus, Playlist-only
La LOM “Danza de La Lom”
COIN “Strawberry Jam”
Moses Sumney “Vintage”
Honeyglaze “Don’t”
Alfie Templeman “Just a Dance”
Horse Jumper of Love “Gates of Heaven”
Kate Davis “DDR”
Boulevards “What We Live For”
Cardinals “Roseland”
Twen “Lucky Onze”
Liana Flores “orange coloured day”