New Music Experience: Sept. 10, 2021

Today we’re dedicating a large portion of the show to an in-depth interview between DJ Adam Culver and the great Colombian band Bomba Estereo. They just released Deja, our WNXP Record of the Week. We also have staff picks from Ayisha Jaffer, Marquis Munson, Aaron Monty, Dan Digs and Emily Young which take us from pulsating neo-soul to modern hip hop to head banging rock – that one from a very unexpected source.

In recent weeks we’ve gotten away from the tradition of starting the show with an under the radar artist but we’re back on track this week with Yumi Zouma. Morning Host Celia recommended this song from the New Zealand quartet signed in the US to the Polyvinyl record label. While still relatively new for most, they did have a sold out tour of smaller venues in the US back in 2020 but then – pandemic. The band says this song was inspired by the one and only show of that tour they actually played and what they said to each other before hitting the stage knowing it was likely their last time in front of a crowd for a while.

1. Yumi Zouma “Give It Hell” (Celia’s pick)
2. Deb Never “Funky”
3. Adeline feat. Kamauu “Stages” (Ayisha Jaffer’s pick)
4. Mac Demarco “Enter Sandman” (Emily Young’s pick)
5. Baby Keem feat. Travis Scott “Durag Activity” (Marquis Munson’s pick)
6. Adam Culver interview with Bomba Estereo
7. Heartless Bastards “Went Around the World” (Aaron Monty’s pick)
8. Spaceface “Earth in Awe” (Dan Digs’ pick)
9. Sleigh Bells “True Seekers”