New Music Experience: March 15, 2024, SXSW Discoveries

Our now, annual deep dive into names we’re hearing about bubbling up from the annual Austin insanity. Obviously with the political protests, some of these artists dropped out of their official showcases and some, Lambrini Girls for example, decided against making the trip at all. But purely based on the initial projections of outlets like the Austin Chronicle and reports from the week by friends and media, we found an incredible hour of music to share ranging from Mexico City and the UK to our own backyard.

Kacey Musgraves “Cardinal” SONG Of the WEEK

SXSW Discoveries
airu “Coloco los pies”
Latir “The Rabbit Hole”
Bubble Tea and Cigarettes “Emi”
Forest Claudette “Kobe Beef”
Arches “Doll”
Juanpalitoschinos “Lo que tú me das”
Enola Gay feat. Mount Palomar “terra firma”
Fust “Genevieve”
Glixen “Splendor”
Lambrini Girls “God’s Country”
Teethe “Lucky”
The New Eves “Mother”
Snooper “On Line”
Tramhaus “Make It Happen”